Projects >> The Metaphor in Action
Training Course about using the metaphor as a method
for cultural inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities
20 - 27 July, 2012
The main goal of our training course "Metaphor in Action" is to improve creativity and increase knowledge, learning methods and experiences of participants, so that they will be able to use it in everyday work for youth with educational difficulties and social integration including them in active local community life.

London, United Kingdom - we have carefully chosen the location, to combine the beauties of rural England for inspiration
closeness to London for communication a fabulous day in Oxford for creation and an equisite scenery for relaxation.

The main topics of the training:
Youth in Action Programme advocacy
Poetry Writing - basic types, sources of inspiration, usage of poetry today
Making and Marketing Young Literature
Making and Publicising a Literary Network Social Inclusion Theory
Working language:
English - all participants must be able to actively communicate using English language

11 countries: Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey
Activities calendar
Friday 20th July
Venue: Smart Russel Square Hostel, 70-72 Guilford Street, London
Course opening, Welcome speech (Organizers)
Presentation of the objectives, daily schedule and methods employed (Margaux & Ariadna)
Intercultural Evening Dinner and Fair of the Partner Organizations (by country groups)
Saturday 21st July
Venue: Elgin Close Resource Centre, 1-3 Elgin Close, London
Breaking the ice: getting to know each-other games
Needs, Expectations, Motivations, Fears
Presentation of the Youth in Action Programme: aim, objectives and priorities
The YiA Program: How to write a successful proposal
Workshop: Team working: writing a YiA proposal
Sunday 22nd July
Venue: Elgin Close Resource Centre and Wimbledon Arts Studio, London
YiA : Intercultural and multilateral youth action
Understanding cultural differences
Cultural Diversity in different sources of inspiration
Developing ideas for future project, Debate about implementation possibilities
Workshop: Visit Wimbledon Arts Studio, talk and first poetry reading
Monday 23rd July
Venue: Museums and Elgin Close Resource Centre, London
Visit a museum and think about social commentary in art
How the metaphor used to talk about difficult of taboo subjects
Cultural Diversity as source of inspiration: how is reflected in Plastic Art
Commenting on the social commentary: translating and spreading the metaphor
Draft project proposals, Presentation and evaluative discussion. Conclusions
Tuesday 24th July
Venue: Public Library or literary venue and Elgin Close Resource Centre, London
Visit a public Library or Literary venue and think about social poetry
Social poetry - criticizing and attempting to correct social problems
Poetry as cultural integration method in local and international youth work.
The Metaphor in Action : different ways of promoting poetry as a method for cultural integration
Relaxing metaphor - Decoding ourselves (YOGA re-energizing)
Wednesday 25th July
Venue: Around Oxford
Oxford Poetry Walk
Discover Cultural and Historic sites of Oxford through Poetry: Audio-guided tour
Visit the Ashmolean Museum - Guided tour
The Metaphor integrated in Education
Meeting the locals - 5 O'clock Tea with Laura Hilly
Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Thursday 26th July
Venue: Hammersmith & Fulham, Elgin Close Resource Centre, London
Watch the Olympic Torch Relay
Recital and discussion of the poems produced during the Course with Poet Alan Brownjohn
Final evaluation and closing ceremony
Farewell dinner and cake
Ionela Flood - Chair of Românca Society
Ionela Flood with Ariadna Petri
and Margaux Richet
Trainer - Margaux Richet
Trainer - Ariadna Petri

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